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Solar Grading

Solar Grading

B2K Analytics has a long history of having been associated with pioneering solar projects whether as an accredited MNRE grading agency, an IREDA approved grading agency or an expert in the solar energy sector in India. In October 2020, B2K Analytics prepared the feasibility study report for setting up World Solar Bank (WSB). The feasibility report addressed the following key areas - rationale for setting up the WSB; demand estimate and sources of funds for the WSB for the next 10 years; projected financials, target rating and its proposed governance structure.

B2K Analytics with its experience and understanding of the Indian Solar energy sector as well as the global scenario has the required talent necessary to evaluate solar projects by bench-marking similar projects across the globe. With a vast database of solar projects at its fingertips, B2K Analytics can conduct a deep-dive analysis of the possible outcomes of projects.

The methodology looks into the following four main aspects:

  • Technical Capability – Comparing the technology/design used for the project and determining the success of such projects.

  • Offtake agreements and Counterparties – The ability of counterparties to offtake and pay relevant tariffs regularly is compared based on the experience with other projects.

  • Project Viability and Cash flows – The projections of the projects are compared on a few critical points against other similar projects to determine the accuracy of the projections.

  • Management capability - The ability of the management to steer the project right from the build phase to the operational phase within the constraints of the project and counterparties.

B2K Analytics uses a realistic approach integrated with sufficient checks and balances in terms of identifying the “weakest link” approach thus providing dynamic weights to parameters considered for the grading. Overall, this product provides a specialized, focused look into Solar Energy Projects and System Integrators with a systematic approach steeped in vast experience in the sector.