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About MSME1

The MSME segment forms the backbone for a developing economy like India.

The MSME sector employs 45% of India's total industrial workforce. It also contributes to 50% of the country's total exports, and 95% of the country's total industrial units that produce over 6000 different products.

B2K Analytics MSME1 platform allows MSMEs to gain access to a range of value-based services, potential customers, suppliers and bankers.

MSME Grading, Due Diligence and B2K Verified are some of the comprehensive products and services available through the MSME1 platform to MSMEs.


Bank loan is the life-blood for a flourishing business. Banks provide overdraft facilities, working capital loans, standby letters of credit and long term loans. Banks require a detailed report describing profit and loss account, balance sheet, strengths and weakness as well as the promoter’s capabilities.

B2K Analytics offers three products for small businesses. MSME Grading report provides a complete description of the company, summarized profit and loss account, balance sheet, description of suppliers and customers of the company. In addition, the report describes the promoter’s capabilities and strengths.

The B2K Analytics reports help banks to disburse loans to MSME units more rapidly. B2K Analytics also sends such reports directly to the bankers, large customers, government agencies, tax authorities, or similar agencies as needed. Additionally, B2K Analytics delivers marketing presentations to large customers on your behalf.

Banks value an independent third-party validation from agencies such as B2K Analytics

MSME1 is a platform that connects an entrepreneur with a banker.

Benefits to Businesses

  • Easy Bank Loans - B2K Analytics Reports presents company financials in an effective manner for the Bankers to decide on bank loans.

  • Marketing One - Marketing One brochure highlights modern plant and machinery, skilled workforce, prestigious clients, smart promoters and more.

  • Key to Large Customers - Highlights attributes that large customers look for in their suppliers.

  • Tender on Time - B2K Analytics takes the hassle out of submitting the Tender documents.

Benefits to Financial Institutions

  • Decision-Enabler - Banks can make informed credit decisions based on a B2K Analytics report that highlights operations, finance, market and management risks.

  • Opportunities & Risks - B2K Analytics reports provide a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with MSME loans.

  • Ascertaining Business Health - B2K Analytics reports offer a concise image of the company's health and reputation.

  • Efficient Disbursements - Results in faster fund allocation and shortened approval times for banks to disburse loans.