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Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) Study

This product entails a thorough study of the technical and financial viability of a project, whether greenfield, brownfield or restructured.

We have successfully delivered analysis of over 2000 companies across a myriad of industries and geographies. With empanelments and associations with many major PSU and Private Banks in India, B2K Analytics is one of the largest players in this market.

Trusted by many of the leading banks in India and International Solar Alliance (ISA) for the independent expert perspective brought out by the B2K TEV / Feasibility Reports.

B2K Analytics Analytical Prowess

B2K Analytics brings its capability to understand and analyse projects, understanding of the industry where the project operates and the ability to make complex projections to test the sustainability of the project / business, in the process of preparing the report.

Years of being involved with analysis of numerous projects and credit prospects give the B2K Analytics team a clear edge over most other players in this area.

Advantages of a Reliable TEV / Feasibility Report from B2K Analytics

These reports have a wide range of uses and are used by the majority of public and private sector Banks and NBFCs.

Many important investment / business decisions of large corporates, MSMEs, Investment agencies etc., are guided by these reports.

Businesses / Investment Agencies/ PE Funds
  • Informed decision making on investments/ Projects
  • 360⁰ view on expansion or diversification plans
  • Economic factors adjusted scenario understanding for projects / changes in business
  • Aid in identification of cost pivots for sustainable business models
  • Easier access to cheaper funding based on independent report
Banks/ NBFCs / Financial Institutions
  • Independent opinion on sustainability of projects for funding
  • Effective Regulatory / Policy compliance
  • Long term view on possible project /business health based on scenario sensitized projections
  • Better understanding of key drivers of project / business plan
  • Ease of decision-making on funding projects

Over the years, B2K Analytics has been known for in-depth and reliable TEV Reports, simplifying decision-making for bankers, businesses and investors alike.